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Born in Seoul, South Korea
Lives in Utrecht, Netherlands
Date of birth 08,12,1977


2014      M.A. in HKU, Utrecht, Netherlands
2004      M.F.A in Hongik Univ, Seoul, South Korea
2002      B.A. of Fine Art in Hongik Univ, Seoul, South Korea
2000      Exchange program, École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France


lecturer in Hongik Univ.(fine art Dep)                                                                  2012, 2011, 2007, South Korea

/oil painting, drawing, basic 3d composition
lecturer in Seoul national Education Univ.(art education Dep)                            2012, South Korea
/acrylic painting
lecturer in Kay-Won arts high school Fine arts dep                                             2003~2012, South Korea
/water color painting, acrylic painting, oil painting, drawing
lecturer in Seoul arts center Children art acdemi                                                2006, 2009, 2010, South Korea
/art by vegetable, upcycle fabric(cloth) art
lecturer in Seoul national Education Univ. talented children art academy           2011, South Korea
Working Artist(Golden Artist colour -USA)                                                           2007-2012, South Korea
/How to use acrylic mediums, grounds, paint


2012     Danwon art contest association, South Korea
2011     Hanseong Baekje art contest association, South Korea
2007     Arts council Korea grant for Supporting young artists, South Korea
2007     Song-eun Arts & Culture foundation grant for gallery free lease, South Korea


Solo Exhibition
2012     Scion Garden, Gallery Cola, Seoul, South Korea
2010     Restoring vitality, Noam Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2007    " I will protect You.”, Song-eun Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2006     Beautiful Mutant, Gallery NV, Seoul, South Korea
2005     Role playing, Noam Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

Group Exhibition

2016     9e WAD poezie , WAD, Delft , Netherlands
2015     Zomergasten 2015 , WAD, Delft , Netherlands
             Floating World(Uzine Park, Yumemi Kobayashi), Pampalini, Utrecht, Netherland
             Kinship(Uzine Park, Ivor Helberg), Design shop Eindhoven, Utrecht, Netherlands

             Guilty pleasure, post office,Rotterdam, Netherlands
2014     10 Jaar Het hoofdkantoor Groene Blaadjes, Haarlem, Netherlands
             Today, too, I experienced something I hope to understand in a few days. AG gallery, Utrecht, Netherlands
2013     Young Artist2013, Space V, Seoul, South Korea
             Made in hands, Gallery Sein, Seoul, South Korea
             Art fair-"Art Road 77", Gallery Ahsh, Heiri, Paju, South Korea
2012     The Boundary (Uzine Park, Kim Jin), Art Factory, Heiri, Paju, South Korea
             100 Red goat hero, THE Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
             Ultra nature, Suwon art museum, Suwon, South Korea
2010     Jam art market- Jangheung art park, Jangheung, South Korea
2009     Phobism, hoyun Gallery, Suwon, South Korea
             Two See, Nun Alt. Space, Suwon, South Korea
2005     Loaded gun, Gallery The Space, Seoul, South Korea
2004     The Artist is a magician, Gallery Artside, Seoul, South Korea
2003     Funny Factory, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea
2002     Flying pig Culture Subway, Subway line 5, Seoul, South Korea
             Memory and Trace, in appartment under reconstruction, Seoul, South Korea
             Finding Treasures, street exhibition around Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea

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